Buongiorno a tutti from Friuli-Venezia-Giulia!

I had a chance to participate to the special Orange Wine Tasting organized by the local Association of Sommelier yesterday evening. The wine event was celebrated in a spectacular Enoteca in the very city center of Cormons, a nice place dedicated to wine.                                          

More than fifty professional sommeliers in attendance to taste six orange wines while we listened to the winemakers presenting their vineries. I found this experience very exciting especially because after the event we could get to one-on-one conversations with them for asking about their production and getting to know more about their life philosophy. Found Orange Wine producers very down-to-earth and friendly people. We finished after 11pm and, you know, it was hard for me leave the place and go back home…

The wines they choose to present to us were some of the best they have on the market presently:

Stefano Novello from Ronco Severo (Friuli Colli Orientali) offered Friulano 2011

Aleks Klinec (Brda, Slovenia) presented Rebula 2012

Stefano Bensa from La Castellada (Collio) introduced Pinot Grigio 2011

Paolo Vodopivec (Carso-Kars) presented Vitovska Anfora 201

Klabjan (Istria,Slovenia) offered Malvasia Black Label 2013

Giorgio Clai from Clai Wines (Istria, Croatia) presented Malvazija Svet Javok 2011

It was a nice evening in which besides enjoying wonderful wines, the opportunity to talk to their creators was really unique. Special thanks to Lara Kosic from Primosic Wines, her sympathy is just breathtaking.

You can get in touch with me here: ambassador@orangewines.es  Stay tuned for more news from FVG.

Marija Pudane,

Your OrangeWine Ambassador from Friuli-Venezia-Giulia.