The Paella Club, total gastronomic experience in Barcelona

The Paella Club

On this website I always talk about the wines that I like. For me it is important that when you read the byproduct of my brainy stuff you can appreciate the wine, the cellar or the person whom I’m speaking about are of my liking, because you can also appreciate when there is no passion in what I write. That’s why I only write about what I like. If I do not like a wine or a cellar, I prefer not to write about them at all.

I do not have advertising on this website either. However, today I am going to make some advertising but I hope that you as my faithful reader will indulge me, as I am going to talk about my brother Asier (Alex in his company) and about the business he has created right from scratch. Obviously, it has to do with wine, though it is not his first calling.

The Paella Club is located on Doctor Dou 5, 08001 Barcelona, just behind the Boquería Market on Las Ramblas. The site is more than a cooking school where you go to learn how to make paella, as you can surely tell by its name, and then enjoy it in the same place. Around the paella, a completely gastronomic experience is created that begins as soon as you enter the premises with a welcome glass of cava. From then on, it is all about enjoying the food in an environment in which Alex my brother and Alex the cook give all their best effort to offer us this experience. There are three different experiences, depending on the time you want to be there and what you want to eat and drink. The paella is always the base and around it you will enjoy some tapas, escalibada, pan con tomate, good Penedès and Priorat wines, desserts, coffee, etc. There are four daily sessions and you can go in groups from one person to groups of up to 16 people, having also the possibility of hiring the whole premises for a private party. Each session can be arranged to be conducted either in Spanish, Catalan or English. Everything according to your needs.

The paellas are cooked by pairs, whether they are two people who go together or separately. When the group is large, let’s say 10 people from different groups coming together, each pair makes a different paella so that when they finish cooking and it is time to sit at the table to enjoy the result of the cooking, you can try all the different paellas that have been made: vegetable, meat, chicken, seafood, etc.

The interaction between the participants, even if they did not know each other beforehand, is always cherished by both Alexes. And of course, eating some delicious paellas (I’ve been there twice already, so I know what I’m talking about) accompanied by luscious white and red wines from Catalonia always helps fraternizing and sometimes making everlasting friendships with people from around the globe. It is very usual to share your paella with fellows from other EU countries, USA, China or Japan, just to name a few.

I highly recommend the experience of going to The Paella Club and let yourself be led by the two Alexes. I’m sure you won’t regret experience this.

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And if you tell them that I have recommended you to go, I’m sure they’ll offer you a glass of some great Priorat wine.